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Old 05-23-2018, 01:30 PM   #1
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Timing chain issue

Hi guys

I need some advise. So my 2011 MkVi GTI one morning decided thatís itís not going to start. Towed it and sent it for diagnosis. I was told that it went off timing and as such the valves are bent.

Took it for scheming of the head and straightening of the valves, replaced the Cam chain. And now I was told actually the main bearings and the big end bearings are damaged due to lack of oil pressure on the engine.

Now I am at point where I am about to just cut all my ties with this vehicle. From what I read on the posts it was better to replace the entire engine, but that again costs a fortune.

What are my options ? Can these bearings be reliably fixed ?

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You can find a low mile used engine fairly cheap. I've seen them for about $1500.
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Old 05-23-2018, 07:11 PM   #3
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How many miles on the car?
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Old 05-23-2018, 07:18 PM   #4
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You had head work done and despite that still need a new engine? Damn bro, that sucks if you had to out of pocket a repair that isn't even the fix for it. I recently picked up a used TSI CBFA motor from a junk yard. Came from a 2014 EOS, has 10k on it, and cost me $1500+tax. This was the best engine mileage/price in my area, yours may differ. Going to have it put into my dead car real soon. Search for engines near you. From what I have been reading/told currently there is an ongoing class action law suit against VW for this tensioner problem. If things pan out and you fit the bill you might get some money back for your repair expenses.
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It looks like VW is going to settle on the lawsuit for those who have paid for repairs due to tensioner failure and also increase the warranty period for the defect. Not sure what this means for you as I'm guessing this could take a while to hash out before the process for reimbursement begins. I'd bring it up to the dealer for sure and see what they say but if you have to pay for repair now hopefully you can be reimbursed in the future.
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