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GTI vs. Mk2 Audi TT

I've already made my decision on this (got my GTI in January), but just wanted to open it up for discussion if anyone has insight. I was somewhat considering a TT roadster as I am moving out to southern cal. in a week or two, but went with the GTI in the end mainly because a) it's such a better value for a money and b) it's my only car so I wanted more utility than a roadster can offer.

I know the GTI and TT have a lot in common, and in the end there was no way I could justify $12k+ more for a car with the same DSG transmission and 2.0T, and would have been doing it for the pleasures of a having a drop-top. The main thing I'm wondering, though, is how does the MkVI GTI compare to the real world driving experience of the TT (e.g. AWD)? The TT has been called a GTI in sexier skin (and boy is the mk2 sexy IMO), particularly with the Mk1 TT, but apparently Audi made the Mk2 TT a bit more of a sports car.

Even though my decision has passed, it's still something I wonder about.

p.s. like the new subforum
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My mom used to have an 08 TT V6 6-speed quattro, poor thing got flooded.

The car felt a little quicker than mine, it would chirp the tires on the 2nd and 2rd gear shift which is impressive for an AWD car.

the suspension feels surprisingly identical. Both have a bit of a rough "connected to the road" feeling without being bouncy or annoying.

The TT was kind of hard to get out of in ight parking spaces because you need the door to open fully to have enough space to not knock your feet on the door panels.

Back seat is useless, I'm 5'4" and my head hit the rear glass.

The TT is definitely a fun car, I see they're making the 2.0t in quattro now too, that would definitely be begging for a K04. But the GTI is a better daily driver overall.
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