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Looking at buying my first GTI

I am looking at buying my very first used GTI. I was looking at this car. Since it is my first GTI, I have some questions about it.

1) Depreciation. What is the percentage loss in value of this type of vehicle each year?

2) Maintenance. How much is this going to cost? How much will regular servicing cost? What can go wrong with this type of vehicle, and how much does it cost to fix it.

3) How many long have similar GTI's lasted for?
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1. Depends on what you get. For instance autobahn gti cost $29k-$33k at 20k miles itll cost $20k. İf you get base model (ie no sunroof etc), you only lose about $4k within 20k. Dealers will give lower numbers when u consider trading in the car

2) if u get dsg, it will cost about $400-$900 when u get 40k miles depends on dealer. Manual is just $400 at dealer, id recommend find an indie shop thatll prob do cheaper. Every 10k service at dealer cost $90 each time if no warranty.

Common problem with these cars (atleast '11-12's) are waterpump failing, which can be fixed with warranty, but w/o $300-400. Coilpack failing is possible but rarely happens compared to waterpump(ull need to change them as well as plugs each 40k). When approaching 100k the timing chain needs to be replaced. Also carbon buildup cleaning is $800 but the more harder u drive the car, the later itll become.

3) of course obviously how u maintain the car, it should last 150k at least. İf u change oil every 5k instead of 10k itll basically help the car last longer. Stage 1 wont play much on role for longetivity, as it only pops coils (switch em to r8 ones if happens) n eventually clutch slip
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