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Old 02-21-2017, 02:21 AM   #1
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Drives: Mk6 GLI Autobahn, B6 A4 2.0L 3076R
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Dave's Lead Sled by Integrated Engineering: The Chronicles ('12 GLI)

( *** WARNING / ACHTUNING: Novel inside, Proceed at your own risk ***)

I am in no way endorsed, funded, or employed by Integrated Engineering. The Story below will clearly show why it is I have gone to them for this build and the progression of how things arrived to where they are. (Thus the long winded introduction)

Special Thanks to:
Pete, Tyler & Damon from Integrated Engineering
Mike Hood From Ringer Racing
Numerous GolfMk6 Forum members and those who are also but may not be on the Mk6 Performance & Build FB Page

I never know how to start off these sort threads, but I'll start with the fact that I actually kinda had a thread over on VWVortex but no one over there seems to give a shit about power, it's all "Bags & Wheels bruh" and sorry, but that just isn't me.

Now onto the nitty gritty, This first post I'll probably have to go back and edit because its way past my bed time, this poor bastard has to be up at 4am for work.

Pics will be added tomorrow or so, but I'll fill in some details..

The Beginning:
August 18th I picked up the car from VW of Downtown LA, CA and drove it all the way home to Colorado Springs, CO where I call home.. A couple days ago marked here 6 month aniversary. I picked her up at a nice 50,816mi and to date have about 70k on the car, 68.8k or so.

I never planned to mod this car and to just to basic things, intake, downpipe, tune.. done. Well that plan very quickly went to shit and I stared looking at Tune options and ended up getting in Contact with Tyler over and Integrated Engineering.

Needless to say, Tyler has been a huge help throughout the entire process and has been an awesome guide for me and the car to get it to the point where I really want.

The First couple mods:
I started by picking up a handful of second hand goodies to cut down on the mod cost as I never planned on going full blown on this thing, I was very lucky to pick up some parts of local forum members between here and the Vortex and I haven't really had a bad experience yet.

The Car started with a CTS Intake and a GFB DV+ on a stock file, then I found a nice deal on some VMR V710's which really brought out the cosmetics of the car, made a great improvement on the eyes.. Then I think the Audi Style LED Tails came..which once again really helped sharpen the look.

The next big step: - Deciding on a tune -
Then things started to get serious, I was looking at a Stage 1 tune and was tied between APR and IE.. but everyone knows about APR tunes, they're a huge company with a lot of pull in this market and I wasnt really too keen on the IE tune at first due to a lack of potential advancement in mods if I ever decided to go that route... It was at this point in time I called in to IE in SLC and talked to Tyler for the first time about the GLI.. now, I had previously spoken to him about CVA1 Cams for my big turbo Audi and instantly learned that this guy knew what he was talking about.. no bullshit, no excuses, nothing that made me believe he was a salesman.. and that's because he's not.

He's the graphic design guy who just happens to get tasked with being the all around Handyman for Pete. This guy seriously does everything! From watching the social media pages, posting on forums, answering phone calls and all while doing his own job duties. Which btw... go jump over to and check out the new website!! 1.5yrs in the making

Back to the point though, I was concerned that if I ever wanted to go past Stage 2 (stock turbo) that I would be out of options, APR does a great job of advertising all their products and how far you can take a car on their parts/etc.

Mostly I was concerned about a lack of a K04 tune.. to which Tyler addressed my concerns for a lack of future potential with the age old "it's coming soon" line which if anyone has talked to him, it's kinda his favorite thing haha.

Either way, I ended up searching forums, Mostly on here actually, to which I came across the APR thread where I found dozens of pages about upset owners who couldnt stand the way the car drove on APR outside of WOT where they seemed to love it.. but around town and in traffic, most of those tuned by APR complained of jerkiness and other issues with overall driveability.

After some further reading I decided to take the chance on the IE tune. Knowing they weren't the new kid on the block when it came to VW/Audi and I have some of their hardware goodies on my big turbo car, I kinda figured if the quality of their tune matched their hardware, I wouldnt be let down.

Unfortunately at the time, the tunes were only available to be flashed at IE in Salt Lake.. which presented a slight problem. However at the time my work often took me to Salt lake and surrounding cities, Once again I voiced this concern to Tyler and we were able to make it work out to where I got the issue resovled.

The First Time Flashing: - what a nightmare -
Next came the fun part of actually flashing the car... we had some issues at first, and it was at this point I met the Computer Wizard they call Damon.. He worked with me with Tyler well past business hours to get my car flashed and on the right file.

I ran the file without a high-flow downpipe for a little while as I was in the process of building my DIY Modular 3" Downpipe, even without all the hardware suggested the DP and IE FDS IC the car performed beyond my expectations and I quickly realized this was the best damn mod I could've done.

Amongst this time I started doing more research and running my findings past Tyler for his guidance as things progressed, I very quickly learned that while not a lot was listed for the TSI as far as IE is concerned, they're constantly working on and developing new parts for it aswell as other model VW's. This gave me a great hope that I could one day pull some serious power out of the car and love driving it as much as my BT A4.

Present Day:
Lets fast forward to today..

Here I am, 6 months and 2 days into owning the car and I can say that there are big things coming, I just cant exactly let the cat out of the bag yet. But over the course of the time since I first called in about the basic tune on the car, I've got to talk to alot of the guys over there at Integrated and I'd say its safe to say we know each other on a pretty good level at this point, not only with the car but on a Personal level and I truly say its safe to say these guys arent just salesman or specialists in their field. I'd go as far to call them friends at this point.

So as things have progressed and I've been privelaged to be let in on a few things in the development stages and soon to be production / mass sale stages, I've been very happy to be able to test some things for them on my car and provide feedback, fix a variaty of bugs, trouble shoot, and hopefully my experience will help roll these things out to the general masses sooner and be completely bug free in the end.

The end goal for this car somehow went from stock with some extra pep in its step to a built motor which I'm hoping will come at some point 2018 after we dial in whats going in the car now.

Unfortunately I have to be somewhat vague as some of the things going on the car in the very near future aren't exactly for general sales at the moment and I'll be once again testing something new. But I assure you ass, as details roll out I'll fill everybody in with my experience.

However, last friday I placed my first big order to IE after thinking we had a plan set-up.. and here's what Arrived today.

IE Cool air Intake (To replace my CTS)
IE FDS Intercooler
IE 2.0T Intake Manifold (For future planning... )
IE K04 Turbo Kit

Things to arrive:
IE Catch can kit (just a slight lack of stock on the can.. should be here within the next few weeks as they roll off the CNC)
Ringer Racing Stage 4 SMFW Clutch Kit w/ ARP Flywheel bolts.
ECS Ultimate Timing Chain Kit + Lower cover

The plan is, if I have to pull the front end off the car to install the Intercooler, and I have to pull the trans to install the clutch... AAAAND have to get to the other side of the motor for the timing chains.. I might as well just pull the whole damn things out and make my life easier.

All I need to do is have all the parts arrive and put aside the time to get it all in, considering It's my first time It may take a while, and Pete @ IE has advised that the timing chains are timing consuming even for someone with experience but if I take my time and take it slow step by step I should be able to do it myself.. Given I buy the specialty tools from AST.

I'm looking forward to getting everything in the car and really waking it up with all the goodies from IE, basically the entire TSI parts Catolog for external bolt ons.

I will let on to this one little hint.... after speaking some more with Pete... the K04 is going right back to Salt lake for something a little bigger..

Sorry for the long winded intro thread! I'll try to make this more entertaining with pics as I edit and post more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

- Dave.

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Formula 5000 Driver
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Cant wait to see whats next.
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Old 02-26-2017, 07:32 PM   #3
Touring Car Newbie
Drives: Mk6 GLI Autobahn, B6 A4 2.0L 3076R
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Colorado
Posts: 195
As I'm still waiting for a few last pieces to show up, the Colorado Winter is taking a toll on the car.
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Old 03-13-2017, 07:02 AM   #4
Touring Car Newbie
Drives: Mk6 GLI Autobahn, B6 A4 2.0L 3076R
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Colorado
Posts: 195
Progress has been made.... Im super tired...

Info to come tomorrow, else, There are a couple posts on the Mk6 Performance page on FB.

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Old 10-23-2017, 04:40 PM   #5
Touring Car Newbie
Drives: Mk6 GLI Autobahn, B6 A4 2.0L 3076R
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Colorado
Posts: 195
Figured I would revisit this post as I'm getting ever closing to throwing the next turbo set-up on and the prep work is almost done..

Compiled a quick list of whats done already.
2012 Volkswagen GLI
Integrated Engineering Intake
Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold
Integrated Engineering Catch Can
Integrated Engineering Tune
Integrated Engineering FDS Intercooler
Custom 3" Catted Downpipe (V-Band)
CTS 3" Cat-Back Exhaust
Snow Performance Stage 2 Water/Meth Kit
Snow Performance 2.5L Upgrade Kit
Snow Performance Meth Gauge/Controller
Innovate Motorsports Ethanol Content analyzer (ECB-1)
Innovate Motorsports MTX Oil Psi/Temp gauge
CTS Billet Dogbone Insert
Setrab Oil Cooler
Thermostatic sandwich plate

Ringer-Racing Stage 4 Clutch
Ringer-Racing/CM SMFW
ARP Flywheel Bolts
USP Stainless Steel Line
ECS Billet Bleeder Block
OEM Delay Valve Delete
Diesel Geek Sigma-6 Short Shifter
CTS Billet Shifter braket bushings

Mk6 Golf .:R Front and Rear Brakes
Hawk HPS 2.0 Front and Rear Pads
USP Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Torque Solutions 75A Engine Mount
Torque Solutions 75A Transmission Mount
K-Sport Coilovers
K-Sport Adjustable End Links
B6 Passat Aluminum Subframe swap
B6 Passat Aluminum LCA Swap
B6 Passat Aluminum Spindle/Hub Swap
ECS Sway bar bushing kit
TyrolSport Deadset Kit
KMD Lower Stress bar

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I wouldn't say worthless but I'm curious to see it lol
Revo Stage 2 // ARM Catted DP // Neuspeed P Flo // DG Springs // Depo LED Tails // OEM Lip // 35% Tint // DeAutoLED's // Rokblokz // VAG
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Drives: Mk6 GLI Autobahn, B6 A4 2.0L 3076R
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Colorado
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Originally Posted by whitewolf33 View Post

I wouldn't say worthless but I'm curious to see it lol
Well I suppose I can post a few hah.

I haven't really photographed all the upgrades, but I think I have a semi-recent engine bay pic from before the Meth.

Ignore the horrible mounting location of the Catch can, it used to go on the OEM engine mount which is no longer there so I still need to find a better mounting solution but I'm going to wait until I have the Setrab oil cooler installed.

I've been working on cutting out the blocked off honeycomb grille on the passenger fog light grille, going to make a duct out of some sheet metal and rivet it to the fog grille then mount the oil cooler with some stamped steel sheet metal (home depot ftw) and make a rear vent into the fender well to allow a good flow.

Sourcing some good mesh that doesnt look like trash and has a decent pattern to go with the rest of the car is going to be difficult, but I have a plan as to what I want to do.

Some of the parts on the list aren't in quite yet as Ive been busy at work but, I did just order up all the parts to do a full B6 Passat Aluminum underbody swap.

Ignore the dusty engine bay.

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