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Torque Solution Engine & Transmission + VF Engineering Dog Bone Mount Review

Disclaimer: I am only providing my feedback and review for the mounts install to help other decide what mounts to get and what combination. I do not have any other after market mounts installed prior to this. First time review post - excuse the typo, language and grammar.

If you don't have time to read the whole thing, scroll to the bottom for the bottom line...

Location: Toronto, Canada
Installed by: Motor Fabrik (400 & Finch)
Car Detail for the purpose of the review: 2013 DSG 33000KM = 20K Miles. APR Stage 1 (Went Stage 2 after 6 days), Golf R Intercooler, Unitronic Intake, Eibach Pro Kit Springs, Eibach Sway Bars, 93 Octane

  1. Torque Solutions Engine Mount
  2. Torque Solution Transmission Mount
  3. VF Engineering Dog Bone Mount + Insert

Torque Solutions Mount Set:

VF Engineering Dog Bone Mount and Insert:

Engine Mount

Trans Mount

Dog Bone Mount Set

Why this Combination?
I always wanted to get mounts, but I wasn't sure which to get, I looked into the BFI ones, VF Engineering, etc. and I can't decide. Some brands have different stages with the rubber hardness, the Torque Solutions Mounts do not have stages, they are at 75a, so in between a stage 1 and 2 of BFI's. I check the local classified daily and someone on the forum was selling the Torque Solutions set for a pretty good price and they are practically brand new (They are not even broken into, previous owner didn't like the vibration and prefer to get cash for them rather than having them collect dust). So I decided to go with the Torque Solutions mounts. As for the Dog Bone, there aren't many brand that has this, Torque Solutions didn't. I got the VF Engineering because the local garage can get them for a fair price after taxes and shipping.

Quick One first: VF Engineering Dog Bone Set, It DID NOT come with the shorter piece unlike posted on their website! The garage went back to ask them and they said that it's the same as the OEM, so they stopped selling them and the picture on their website is for MKV, so they reused the picture... I am not sure who's lying and who's the problem. I just didn't feel too happy that even though it just the same as the OEM piece, they they don't include it anymore.... whatever.

I got these install April 21 2015 and I have been keeping notes in order to put together this review. Keep in mind, this is an install of all 3 mount sets together at once. Other's review may be just 1 or 2 of the mounts.

Day 1 ~ 2:
Right when I picked up the car from the garage after the install, I turned the car on and I was like "HOLY SHIT, this thing is like a TRUCK" - It was about 5C (35F) outside (temperature does matter with these mounts apparently).

You can feel the engine and transmission much more transparently. The sound of the engine is crisp, the engine and transmission sounds really loud. The vibration and sound is significantly louder than stock (SIGNIFICANTLY, no kidding).

The engine start up sound is amazing, you can't feel the engine moving inside the engine bay any more, the acceleration sound goes right into the cabin. On the inside, the car now sounds like a sports car, it sounds like a performance car. I am not 100% sure, but you can now hear the turbo much clearer as well.

The vibration and the engine sound now overpowered the sound of the Unitronic intake - you can still hear it but not as clear any more.

Vibration under any acceleration scenario between 1.5 - 2.5K rpm is HARSH, the cabin vibrates, everything inside rattles, if you have sunglasses, you will hear that rattle!

As everyone says, the reverse vibration is bad, because 1.5 - 2.5K rpm range's vibration is pretty bad... the reverse vibration is nothing special.

Under hard acceleration from 0 - 70KM/Hr, you can feel clearly the shift points as the car jerk a little in a very good way. This is a very good feeling, very good feeling. Sports mode between 4 - 7K rpm is REALLY LOUD, there's not too much vibrations though. 0 - 70KM/HR feels very good performance wise, was it faster? Not significant, feel good? Yeah! 70 - 120KM/HR feels a lot more solid and definitely some increase in performance - not by a lot though (very subjective here). So those who installed Unitronic Intake or other intake know that the car now produces a whistle sound under high boost, for me it's usually between 4 - 5.5K rpm or so, a significant change is now that the whistle sound starts at 3K rpm! I don't know if that means the high boost is earlier? Or what, someone can probably chime in here for this fact.

Day 3 - 5: About 500KM driven
SO after a few days, the vibration has died down about 30%, you can still hear it, feel it, it vibrats during start up, between 1.5 - 2.5K rpm - but just a bit less. Again you continue to hear the engine, the rattles, everything shakes in the cabin and the turbo, etc. Same old... so point here is the vibration did drop by about 30% (subjective here again... how do I judge is 30%? Just a random guess)

Day 6: Went to get APR Stage 2
I was quite glad that I got the mounts, because it holds everything in place very well under APR Stage 2 performance, both low end and high end. 0 - 70 km/hr is a tiny bit more solid feeling. 70 - 110 km/hr is very nice, solid and strong pull relative to the mounts we are talking about. 110 - 150km/hr is WOW, OMG that's when the mounts kind of redeem themselves...

Day 7: 20C (68F) outside Spring is finally here in Toronto
Apparently under 20C parking on the driveway from sun rise to 4PM - that vibration is down by more than 50%! and it's not noticeable that much when it's at 3K rpm and above. between 1.5 - 2.5K is still quite noticeable. I guess the temperature warmed by the rubber a bit?

Other observations: Uphill drive & drive through as fast food is bad.... that NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) is bad... just plain bad... it's low speed, low rpm....

Dog Bone Installed:

Trans Mount - Can't really get a pic once the battery box is back on:

Engine Mount:

Did it add much of performance? A tiny bit

Was it worth it? If you get it used or lightly used for good price - Yes, otherwise NO.

Can the money spent elsewhere that adds more value? Yes, such as intake, suspension parts, etc, etc...

If you treasure cabin comfort a lot, DO NOT get this combo, I don't know if getting 1 or 2 of 3 will be better, but the combo above makes it very noisy, harsh and vibrates like a truck at low rpm. Even long drive on the highway at ~ 120KM/hr isn't that comfortable. I wouldn't be taking them off and I would drive it for another month or 2 first, I heard the NVH will settle more.

Girlfriend test: Yes she felt it right away and very noticeable, but she did say "Wow, the car now sounds expensive...."

Final Note: If you are going APR Stage 2 or relevant tunes, then these mounts will be a very nice compliment to hold and deliver that power - Stage 1 or stock, you won't really get the benefit out of it unless you are 100 km/hr +

I hope this helps guys!!

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Did you notice a difference in wheel hop or DSG shifting? I think most go this route to reduce the wheel hop and putting the power down knowing that NVH will be a trade off.
14 DE GTI DSG, APR K04, APR IC, APR V3.1, APR stg 1&2 intake, TOP&TBP, GFB DV+, R8 coils, CTS Catless DP, Stoptech ST-40, UM DSG, H&R front&rear SB, P3Cars, Blk Ch LED tails, smoke sm, ext pdl shifters, Neuspeed insert, 034 billet mounts, Volk ME 19s, Koni Coils, CTX tint, LED reverse and footwells
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I lol at "sounds expensive"
I might be taking my insert out this weekend due to the NVH
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dog bone, engine mount, torque solutions, transmission mount, vf engineering

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