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Hey All,

Recently installed some coil overs, and it came with adjustable end links. I've searched around and watched some video's but haven't found much useful for GTIs specifically. Does anyone have advice on how to properly adjusts them?, Is the goal to have no pre load when its on the ground? My simple mind was thinking if the distance between the base of my coil over to the mounting point is roughly 2" shorter then factory, then I should make the end link roughly 2" shorter then the factory end link would get me close enough.. But honestly never played around with end links before..

Guidance would be appreciated


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The way I do mine is as follows -

Put the car on ramps, loosen the locknuts on both sides.
Disconnect the link from the sway bar on the driver (left) side.
Adjust the right side link so the sway bar clears the axle and control arm, lock in the endlink.
Adjust the left side link until the threads on the ball joint line up exactly with the hole in the bar, then reinstall it to the bar.
Check to make sure there's no load on the bar in that position (the link should spin freely by hand for a thread or two in either direction), then lock it down.

It's best to start with the right side because it's going to be a little bit longer due to the way each side is installed on the strut body.