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Definitively you should resign! I bought a Golf 8R full options and the infotainment broke down completely. They tried to repair it failed as "this car has the latest software": No ventilation and t control, no ACC & PDC, no radio, no tel. interface, no camera, no driver profile regulation, no road signs recognition , no ecall, no seat heating, and this is not the full list. :-(
Hey man,I noticed in your post that u had or have the dsg cooler from Bar tek. I just installed the same one and I was wondering if u know when u do a dsg flush do u have to add more dsg fluid since the cooler is larger or no? Thanks
I would. I don't do the regular procedure. I just fill it to the filler level and call it good. Since DSGs tend to run hot, I think a bit of extra fluid wont hurt.