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Im selling my brand new englishtowns for 1000 if interested. tires on the wheels are new-ish as well. My buyer fell out and I already purchased my new wheels, so looking to move these asap.
only today did I finally gain entry to this site . I signed up in Dec 19. Every time I came to the site it said either my login details were incorrect , meanwhile it let me in today.
just wondered if you guys scan my OBD from a distance & decided my car was too much work to have on the site ..LoL
Hello! What shocks would you pair with EMD springs for a 4motion Sportwagen (manual)? I read in your post that you don't recommend Bilstein b6/b8.
Hi, per the thread I had read complaints about the EMD/Bilstein combo. I haven’t tried it myself, but honestly I’m not surprised. If you are set on EMD springs I would personally go with Koni yellows. It’s either that or stick with the stock shocks and take your chances on how long they last. I’d go with the yellows and set them to full soft or thereabouts.
awesome. thanks. I also considered KW sport comfort when time comes to replace the shocks. Any experience with those coilvovers?
No, but there have been some positive reviews on the street comforts. I'd reach out to guys that have them and get their opinion, and check out this thread
I recently had an issue with my MIB2 system and swapped units, the dealer took off component protection but seems unwilling to help with reactivating the original FeC's I want to activate Carplay and Nav with Voice like the car originally had. How much would this cost me? Installed Software Train Version is MST2_US_VWP9120D Installed Software MU Version is 0842 and Part Number is 3Q0035876B.