Broken exhaust manifold bolt: ignore or fix?


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Is there a good chance the exhaust is not leaking when the last stud/bolt is missing?
I can’t see any carbon deposit that would show an exhaust leak (not sure if that would actually happen like that either).

More background:
- new-to-me engine not installed but “was running” according to junkyard.
- I did not plan to open it up (only intake cleaning and timing chains)
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If it were going in my car, I would fix it. It may leak, or it may not, but it's very difficult to repair in chassis.


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They are not hard to remove they come out easy. At least mine was verry easy to remove with an extractor. Tubo has to come off though.

Soak it in Kroil and all other nuts take the turbo off and it looks like you may have enough sticking out to remove with a small punch or chisel. It looks like you have one thread sticking out the head.

Id repair it if it were mine. Having an Engine out of a car and not fixing something when its easiest doesn't make any sense.


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Yes, replace it. It’ll either need to be drilled out and tapped for a Helicoil or a nut drilled on the end (which I haven’t had much luck doing).