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Hey all,

2011 GTI with 210,000 miles. subframe was silent until I had a new clutch installed by a local VW/Audi independent shop.

These are the usual clunks after a clutch install. This happens under cornering, acceleration, braking.
The car had these since new but went away after the Passat bolt install - after the clutch install they are back. My remedy was to replace all subframe bolts and get the tyrolsport locking collar kit. They didn't help.

Everything has been torqued according to the A3 repair manual.

There is also a clunk that comes as I move the steering wheel from lock to lock. I can hear it coming from the passenger side in the front.
After it clunks from moving the wheel - you can hear the brake dust shield ping.

Things I’ve replaced

Control arm bushings (both)


Strut Mounts

Strut bearings

brand new adjustable end links - installed dead while the car is level on the ground.

All associated bolts and hardware are new

Only things left I can think of are:

Tie rods

Ball joints (super pro adjustable with around 60,000 miles on them)

Any ideas on where I should start next?
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I replaced the end links a few days ago with new superpro adjustable units - the clunk is still present unfortunately