CSB3: Golnats Inbox Gets Flooded By Forum Dudes Offering "Services"


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Reminds me that I need to finish putting my PC back together and test it out. The new PSU is pretty cool, all the cables are flat/lowpro and the connectors are on the back side of the case. Super easy but I just need to spend the time. Too many projects at once right now.


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I ordered a new case last night.


The NCase M1 Evo. I've used the original NCase M1 for years, and I think it's the greatest case ever designed, and the impact it had on the small form factor scene is 2nd to none. However, in the last few years, it's age has started to show. Mostly with GPU compatibility, since when it was originally designed like 12 years ago or whatever, GPUs were much smaller than they are nowadays.

Should ship in September, coming from Hong Kong I think? So should be here hopefully in October. Perfect timing for a birthday present to myself 🤣


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How witty, hope you didn't hurt yourself thinking of that sick zinger. Definitely never heard that one before.

Who the heck are you? You just started posting one day as if you've been here all along. Makes me think you're someone who exited and has returned with a different name. Hi boosted!


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Meanwhile, i had to sell the cobalt obviously years ago because it felt like it was falling apart, at 80k miles, and probably 7 years old (albeit, i had taken the entire car apart multiple times and i am not the worlds best mechanic) and now my mkv gti feels better at 120k miles and 15 years old than the cobalt ever did.
I still had my Pontiac sunbird at 13y, 140k miles and let me tell you, it was not pretty. Almost nothing worked anymore. The shifter linkage was disintegrating and not repairable, the entire interior was coming apart and peeling off the doors and console, headliner falling, and it developed a couple grounds that would drain the battery in like 30 minutes if I didn't unhook it (couldn't trace them and why I finally got rid of it). No trade in value whatsoever, gave it to my mechanic to use for parts as a thank you.


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holy n00b


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My dreams come true.

I dreamed the other night I was eating cheese.

Then I woke up and ate some cheese.


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y'all ever have a dream?

i had one last night that i actually can remember and i do wish one of the people in it was actually real.
I heard of someone who had a dream once

They killed him for it :/