Diablo 3


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So who will be playing Diablo 3?

And to the computer gurus, I have a question.

So I'm running Intel Duo Core 3.20GHz, 4GB of Ram, Intel G41 Chipset.

I need a budget video card to run Diable 3.

Can anybody recommend a budget video card? Looking to spend around $100. Thanks in advance.


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I want it but don't have the set up to run it, and would rather save the money anyway for car stuff.


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Ill be on it. Long time blizzard gamer since mid 90s.

Here's my experience with the beta. Keep in mind the beta was rough performance and we won't know how much was hardware based and how much was client base until Wednesday.

Blizzard didn't follow traditional low hardware requirements for this game. I was running it on my macbook pro with problems. That's with an i7 8gb ram and their radeon card.

On my desktop I was having problems with lockups. 4GB ram there with an i7 and intel graphics. I picked up a nvidia geforce 6800 with 1GB DDR3 memory for free but you can get it on newegg for $65. It will run it ok for sure with an i7 but if you just have a duo core you need to beef up the GPU.find the best nvidia you can for your budget. Try to get 2GB dedicated memory.

100-150 will do you fine for a card to run decent graphics settings and a decent FPS on d3. Upgrade your MB and chip when you can though. I7s are getting cheap.

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I'll be playing it as well.

My desktop will run it like crap so we'll see how the laptop does. Of course D3 is coming out prior to my estimated day of rebuild of my desktop.

I didnt get to play the beta between not being able to log in and plans I had made earlier. Should be fun though all the videos online make it look amazing.

Is anyone going to be on that night? I have to go get it at gamestop so i should be on around 1am. (i had a $40 trade in so gamestop was my only choice )


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Don't forget to try download the 7gig update file 1st. I know for the guys in the states it should be easy. Here in SA it's gonna be a bitch!

That still hasn't persuaded me not to play, I've been waiting for a long time for this!!!



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will probably barely be able to run it.. but eff it
i'll play on the lowest settings until i get a new machine


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I will be playing it when it gets released that night. I played the open beta on both my PC desktop and Mac laptop (i5, 15GB RAM, 1GB dedicated graphics and core2duo, 4GB RAM, intel chipset, respectively). Desktop ran it like a dream even on highest settings. Laptop ran it semi-smoothly on medium setting (a couple hang ups and slow downs).

Would say a decent 1GB dedicated (or 2GB dedicated if you can find one in your price range) PCI-Express x16 for your desktop OP would be fine. Definitely double check also your power supply requirements as well when looking for a graphics card. If your desktop still has the stock power supply, depending on the manufacturer, you will have either a 250-300 watt power supply only in there. You may need to beef your power supply up depending on the graphics card you choose. :thumbsup:


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Start pre-downloading, my fellow diabros. The installer will unlock at the appropriate time depending on your zone/region.

It's a 7ish gig download, but it will sure beat downloading 7 gigs at launch date. Not to mention there will be a launch patch (around 100 megs, according to the PR person for Blizzard) that you will need to download as well. I'm not sure if there will be some more game data files you will need to download at launch, but we will see when it comes out.


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I've preordered and bought a new computer to play it (Alienware, I'm uber nerd now!) but likely won't put any serious time into it until next weekend. I'm not one of those guys who call in sick to play video games. I'm actually surprised that it's launching on a tuesday, seems like weird timing for most people.


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Tuesday is now the universal release date for games, movies, and music.

Definitely downloading the pre-download so all I'll have to do is put in the key and get my diablo on for a bit that night. Then, not touch it for the weekend because of SOWO, haha


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Forgot to do the pre-order in time for the CE. Will hopefully snag one up at the Midnight release at the Blue Box.


arghh im excited for this but i feel like i need a desktop now..


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So, I was looking at GIGABYTE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card, and this is one of Blizzard's recommended vid card (GeForce GTX 550 Ti). Only $114 at Walmart. Also, thanks for the tip looking into power supply.


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GIGABYTE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1GB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 Graphics Card ($114) or VisionTek Radeon HD6770 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card ($125), which is better buy?