FS: Múltiple Performance / Cosmetic mods


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Hey Socal members
I have a few parts for sale. I’ll let them go at a good price. I still have my mk6 but these pieces are all new and unused. I am focusing on my Atlas Cross Sport which is why I won’t be installing these parts moving forward. Buy them from my garage 😁

1. Pre-Assembled Rear Trailing Arms - With ECS Monoball Bushings. Includes all new install hardware.
Mfg #008053LA02ECS #ES#4349810
$300 includes shipping. Part is $450 new on ecs. SOLD

2. Volkswagen MK6 (2010-2014) Golf GTI Canards V2 - FS ENGINEERING. Semi gloss black. Hardware included. $80 shipped. Part is $189 on website.

3. Velt Sport Dogbone Subframe Mount Kit - Mk5/Mk6/8P/8J. No hardware included aside from both pucks. Part# VELT-1K0-MK5-S-KT
$25 shipped. SOLD

4. eBay Gloss black fog light bumper covers. $20 shipped. New with removal tool. If you buy the rear trailing arms I will add these to the purchase for free. SOLD

If you’re local, we can schedule a meet up. Photos to come this week.
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Updated. Only have the canards left