HYDE16 Reviews - USP RFB LED Puddle Light Kit (4-Door)


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Disclaimer: I am only providing my feedback to help people decide if they feel they would benefit from what I have installed in my own car.

Here’s a fast review on a great kit if you’re an LED obsessed junkie like me. So far I’ve loaded my car full of deAutoKey’s interior and exterior LED kits. To finish off the options I picked up the USP RFB LED Puddle Light Kit (4-Door) after seeing a kit installed on a 2013 Golf R. All I can say is, this kit is blindingly bright and the ground illuminates like a rocket ship.

Product Description:
USP is proud to offer the RFB Hi-Intensity LED Puddle Light Conversion kit. This kit is designed to replace the factory door reflectors on your VW with bright LEDs. The kit is completely plug and play and installation requires only basic hand tools. Now you can finally illuminate your path when entering or exiting your vehicle. All required components are included with this kit. This is a must have for any car enthusiast.

- 6 high powered SMD LEDs per housing
- Plug and play harness
- No error codes on instrument cluster
- Fits front and rear doors
- Rigorously tested and superior design
- 1 year warranty

Parts and Install:
The parts are high quality, the LED’s are assembled well, the clear reflectors look strong and the OEM harnesses fit in the OEM connectors with a little effort and needle screwdrivers to press them in. I used deAutoKey’ pry tool kit for installation to avoid damaging any panels inside my vehicle. Install was a breeze and USP’s website has the perfect installation video so you’re not left in the dark wondering if you missed a step. Basically, use your pry tools and follow along with USP’s video. Remove the access covers on the door handles, unbolt the T20 torx bolts, remove the door trim/cover, remove the OEM electrical wiring harness, plug in the included OEM wiring to the specific available harness pins, re-install the door and code using VCDS (VagCom). The VCDS procedure is outlined in USP’s installation video as well. It’s easy!

Overall Results and Recommendations:
If you’re looking to go the extra mile with exterior lighting, I highly recommend this kit. USP’s instructional video made the install a breeze, the parts are high quality and fit into place without issues, the clear reflectors and ultra bright LEDs can be seen in the distance and overall the kit can offer more safety in terms of night visibility when parked on the side of a road. This has become one of my most favorite LED upgrades on my vehicle.


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crazy bright kit

never heard that called a puddle light.

makes sense tho.


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