HYDE16 Reviews - Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushings & Sway Bar End Links


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After the front end was locked down, I wanted to firm up the rear end with Whiteline’s Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushings while at the same time adding the beefy Whiteline Sway Bar End Links to finish it all off. I picked up the parts from Paul at Deutsche Auto Parts who recently added Whiteline products to his online store. The steering rack bushing was ordered in error as this will not work with the MK6 GTI.

Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushings Product Description:
Whiteline Plus Control Arm and Trailing Arm Front Bushings provide the softness needed for street driven, low vibration, noise and harshness characteristics, while displaying extreme abrasion, tear and cut resistance, and near-zero compression set at a lower durometer reading of 70-80 (versus most poly bushings 100+ rating). In addition, Whiteline Plus polyurethane bushings are able to be bonded directly to the metal shell, which provide a method of flow control giving the bushing the characteristics of soft ride while on smooth roads, and when under cornering pressure cause the bushing to become firmer for improved suspension performance.

-Ride quality of softer rubber, with the performance of ultra firm polyurethane.
-Long lasting, chemical and oil resistant durability.
-Enhanced steering input, feedback, and road holding stability.
-Increased braking capacities and positive brake pedal feel.
-Permit optimum pinion angle changes reducing differential, tailshaft and/or gearbox failures.
-Reduce take off and driveline shudder under heavy loads

Whiteline Sway Bar End Links Product Description:
Performance sway bar links utilizing a heavy duty steel ball joint ends that adjust & rotate to any angular combination. Eliminate sway bar preload via the light weight aluminum bodies provide 25mm centre to centre length adjustment. Any high performance sway bar kit deserves an upgraded end link assembly that can safely handle sharp curves and aggressive driving both on and off the track. Whiteline performance end links are the perfect complement to any sway bar combination. The stock rubber end link bushings can wear and crack over time, especially under high performance and competitive driving conditions. Whiteline end links feature anodized aluminum turn-buckles and fully adjustable stainless steel rod-ends, allowing you to custom tune your suspension setup to maximize handling performance.

I took my car to Redline Speed Worx who recently moved to a brand new, state of the art shop in Green Brook Township, NJ. The shop is truly impressive with the latest lifts, tools, wheel/tire mount and balance machine, recessed lifts and alignment rack and jaw dropping customer showroom. Installation seemed very straightforward and their tech allowed me to snap a few photos during and after the install while the car was up on the lift.

Overall Feedback:
The rear end feels a little more solid when carving through turns and adds a bit of reassurance when throwing the car into bends. With 19” wheels I was expecting a harsher impact or additional NVH when running over bumps or small dips in the road. To be completely honest, I didn’t notice a negative impact when adding these. The rear end feels more solid and stiff but I’m wondering if firming up this bushing allows the spring/strut to more effectively manage suspension travel or compression. Along with the ST rear coilovers and TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Rear Subframe Collar Kit, adding these Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushings has completed the rear end.

I couldn’t feel any difference with the addition of the sway bar end links but they look great and are way beefier when compared to the OEM end links which had 50K miles on them. After a quick alignment, I am completely satisfied with these incremental changes in the suspension which is now complete.


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Why didn't you put the dust boots on the links? I would have absolutely used them. Did you set the sway bar preload? Really the only reason for adjustable links.


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Why didn't you put the dust boots on the links? I would have absolutely used them. Did you set the sway bar preload? Really the only reason for adjustable links.

The dust boots are on there. They are the black rubber seals.
The red things are really only effective as covers to protect the black rubber seals in shipping (plastic bag, not in box). They do not belong on the ends as they would trap grains of dirt/salt/miscellaneous crap and cause more harm than good.

Having the adjustable links gives you the option to adjust sway bar pre-load. You don't necessarily need to set it for everyday use. As long as they are installed properly, and Ryan won't let knuckleheads touch his car, then they are simply along for the ride until they get to be played with on track days!


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Nice write up as usual Ryan. I'm curious to see how the NVH is after a couple of months. My 034 spherical rear were not noticeable initially, after 3 months its only noticeable when I drive over lane dividers.


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FYI, my 034 spherical rear (RTAB) is the worst thing to ever happen to my car. I've not only gone through 2 sets (at $250 per set plus about that much per install), I've now gone back to stock, for the better. My RTAB started to make noise with a few weeks of install on any type of movement below 50 km/h. Quite loud too. 034 blames install error (over torque), but I highly doubt it. So watch out.