Looking for some coding assistance...


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Hoping there is someone out there who's running a combo of the Osram Xenarc headlights, along with stock (or stock-ish) LED taillights. I'm trying to sort out coding for Byte 18 in the CECM/BCM that will keep full functionality of the headlights and eliminate the bulb out warning for the tails. I was using 1F there to solve the issue with the tails, but when the headlights went in, only the DRL on the left side would come on. Jumpered the light to the battery and everything worked correctly (and here I was: thinking the headlight was bad). Tried a few other possibilities ( 04, 15, 22 & 23) and so far, only plugging 20 in there (US-market Golf/GTI) gave me fully functional headlights, but still throws a code on the tails. Car is a 2010 GTI Base with halogen headlights.

Was going to also run something in the Ross Tech forums but I need to run an auto-scan of the car first. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.