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Engine overheated, ran with no coolant.. needs a new block. smh welp anyways time for full part out,
All parts are for pick up and still on car,
$200 APR ignition coils Zero miles still in box for all four
$200 Integrated Engineering Intake stage 1 and 2 might need new filter
$350 No brand 3" Non catted down pipe with 2.5 reducer for regular catback exhaust with a **ECS Vacuum actuated exhaust cut out kit"*nice switch in front of shifter included
$250 Beluga high performance light weight catback exhaust stainless steal 4' tips
$500 Nuespeed Fmic with black ceramic coating small dent in front but still functions
$1800 Airlift suspension kit * Airlift Performance Series front struts* "less thank 1000 miles on them Accuair e level management system might need two new height sensors, these are pretty beat up and air tank needs a fresh coat of paint would also recommend new fittings all around
$1200 Enkeis RS05RR 18x 9.5 et35 18x 10.5 et35 staggered set these have definitely been used and abused seen a a fair amount of track days a few dents and rashes but all in all still good set wobble bolts included
$100 carbon fiber rear diffuser clear coat has wear on it
The car has APR stage 2+ with APR DSG tune not sure if anyone would be interested in the ecu .
Feel free to contact me about any other miscellaneous parts
2010 gti mk6 candy white everything must go or the junk yard will take it. or worse... Kars for Kids
Carbon fiber rear diffuser still available?


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Free to a good home. - Located in South OC.

Pair of OEM used lower control arm bushings. Buy the Febi TTRS lower bushings and press the old ones out. I bought them installed already and have these left over.



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I have a set of like new OEM halogen taillights for sale. I bought a used GTI in 2018 and removed the stock lights as soon as I got home. Doesn't look like the original owner used them much either because there is no swirling, discoloration, or hardly any dirt on the back of the lights. Asking $100 OBO for the set of 4.

I also have a set of OEM carpeted floor mats that came off the same car and are in the same like new condition. The driver's mat looks to have a small indent where the driver's foot would rest, but its hardly noticeable. Asking $50 OBO on these.

Pricing is negotiable. I think these are at a fair price, everywhere else i look has them listed way higher. Any questions, let me know. I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.

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I have a couple random items for Mark VI Golf:

  1. Class 1 trailer hitch receiver by Draw-Tite. Fits 1 1/4" hitches; I used it for a bike rack - very good condition. $65
  2. Two OEM wheel covers for 15" steel wheels (from 2013 Golf). Minor scratches but otherwise excellent condition - no cracks, breaks, etc. $20ea or both for $35.
These items are located in South Bay (San Jose) if interested.


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With a heavy heart, i am selling my GTI. PM if interested.

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2012 Volkswagen GTI​

I have owned this car since 2016 at 37,000 miles. The car currently has approximately 119,000 miles. I am the third owner. I will provide maintenance records and original parts. I love this car and I have taken very good care of it.

Major Maintenance​

  • Timing Chain w/ guides replaced at 105,094
  • Motor/transmission mounts replaced at 105,094
  • Waterpump replaced (Replaced w/aluminum water pump not plastic) at 102,435
  • High Pressure fuel pump at 97,972
  • Carbon Cleaning performed at 65k
  • Intake manifold+injectors replaced at 65k
  • Headliner Replaced at 85k
  • Fuel filter changed every 40k
  • Oil Changed every 5-6k

Included Original Parts not on the car​

Volkswagen OEM Air Intake
  • 4x OEM Volkswagen Serron wheels (tires need replacing)
  • OEM VW suspension
  • OEM VW halogen headlights + taillights


  • Ceramic tint
  • Pop hatch (open the trunk from the keyfob)
  • keyfob controlled windows (roll up/down windows by holding lock/unlock on the keyfob
  • Neuspeed cold air intake (CA legal. The car was smoged this year with the intake on. I will include paperwork for this)
  • Cobb Tune w/ Low boost installed at 60k (included Cobb Access Port)
  • BC BR Coilovers installed at 97,681m (Professionally inspected by Pure Motorsports)
  • Neuspeed RSE10 in bronze
  • Intake (CA SMOG approved) installed at 65k
  • VLand Sequential Headlights
  • Supernova Sequential Taillights
  • Remote controlled footwell lights