Opinion on buying very low mileage used car - oil change related


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And it was being driven for a bit then they just stopped.


Yeah, I'd buy it if price was right. Definitely room to negotiate.



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I actually performed a lot of engine oil testing for my shop looking to extend our service mileage to save cost. We did not see any significant issues with oil up through 10k miles, and some sitting for several years without being serviced. I would have no problem buying it, although my first task would be an oil change, lol.


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I'd be more concerned with how it was stored than the oil itself. If I was going to let a car sit for a couple years, I'd get some fogging oil on the cylinders.
Wouldn't stop me from buying it if it's priced aggressively. Just change the oil a couple times. Make sure the other drivetrain fluids are changed too, they're on a time-based schedule since they tend to oxidize.


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Thank you for all of the input so far!

Found car also needs Haldex service and brake fluid change. NBD, I can do those my self.
Salesperson however literally just tells me there is a $2000 reconditioning fee added to cost!

I laughed out loud so hard when he said that! $2k and you haven't done any of the past due service? $30k with tax and fees? GTFO

Going let it marinate a bit and make them a MUCH lower offer.