OT #26 : Trapped in a glass case of emotion

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Slut and whore?

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Wrong link?

No, it's a big debate. Me and my friends are seeing either blue and black or white and gold. Same thing with my gf and her friends. It's quite the interwebs debate right meow


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It's for two classes.

One was for my honors course, specifically called Conflict Cuisine. We're taking an in-depth look at the development of Latin American countries through the discourse of discussion posts as well as in-class debate after we do readings, which comprehensively discuss things such as Strategic Culture, as well as news articles talking about events that caused a historical precedent or change in the country.
This week we talked about Venezuela's Strategic Culture, and how the Chavismo ideology is suffering in the hands of Maduro who is very unpopular. With that, how 95% of Venezuela's export is oil, and the price of oil is affecting the country because they didn't diversify economically.

The course also consists of my group (alongside with other groups) going out to eat at different Latin American restaurants based near FIU and we would be able to talk to the chefs and the managers/owners.

The other class is called Origins of American Civilization and is basically a historical humanities class on American History. Right now we're talking about the American Revolution and slavery as well as what instigated it. This week's readings were from Historian Peter Kolchin, alongside primary sources from the Library of Congress and other well known historical museums/libraries

Cool. Do you like them?

The desk I sit at is outside his office, I had previously suspected that the voice I was hearing was yours when he had talked to you before, but the trip talk confirmed it.

Got it. I should have realized I was on speaker phone. LOL
Kinda weird, and kinda cool.

wait, you got a boner from a dude? ewwww

Not just any dude, dude. I am GrandFAPpy, dammit.

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the lace is black and the rest is blue

troll indeed

That's exactly how I see it, people have been getting heated over it :iono:
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