The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Fully Vaccinated Colin Powell Dies Of COVID Complications


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Honestly, while Biden didnt have a good poker face on that answer he wasn't stumbling over his words, he was trying not to antagonize the dictator of a nuclear power before he meets with him a few days later. He knew what he wanted to say and would have said it right away, but he realized that wouldnt be productive and took a pause instead.

Trump is a literal mental degenerate, you all are just following your dear retarded leader and projecting his flaws onto others.
If Biden takes a shit in the middle of a press conference tomorrow, you'll call it a strategic pause, yatta yatta.

Your using cliches about dictators in other countries you know nothing about goes to prove you're a moron that eats stale propaganda for breakfast, dinner, and supper.


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Natural immunity doesn't work better and never has. See the plague, polio, measles, etc...

Literally no one but the racist guy trusts you.
Lol. If you fail to navigate this completely simple thread, how on earth do you navigate the world with its intricacies? I bet your poor wife does it for you, you fucking invalid.

Nice job comparing the plague that wiped out a third of Europe to covid. Facepalm.


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The sooner you're replaced by a hard working illegal the better.
Gretafan is ok with illegals getting paid meager shit. What a two-faced capitalist crook.


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You don't know what I'm thinking, only I do. You shouldn't assume you know what I'm thinking based on what I wrote.

See how stupid that sounds?

Good, stop doing it.
Except for the fact that I formed no opinion about what you said and quite the contrary asked you a question that would make sense. I'm stop doing what I'm doing when I decide to.

Edit: I did misread that post of yours. Sorry.
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What ground is that breaking though?

Remember your Yankees obsession from a few weeks ago? Asymptomatic people can spread it. He says most transmission comes from symptomatic people but he doesn't say it's impossible from the asymptomatic.
My point with the Yankees was that they were vaccinated. And tested positive. Both the tests and the vaccine are a bad joke.