VW Golf MK 6 P214600 Group A supply Voltage Fault. 1.6 TDI 2010 CAYC Help please


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VW Golf MK 6 P214600 Group A supply Voltage Fault. 1.6 TDI 2010
I would like to start my introducing Myself my name is Alan. I work in the UK as a Honeywell Engineer and fix faults daily on Buliding Management systems so not new to fault finding. BUT.........
I require Automotive Help with a P214600 error Group A supply voltage which I read with my diagnostics tool, which to me means no power from the ECU to the injectors.
Lets go back 4 weeks by Son jump started his car the wrong way round and since then hasn't started, its was with a garage for 2 weeks before I decided to get it recovered and take a look myself.
A) I tested all fuse and realys all ok.
B) Fitted a new battery, not yet checked the alternator as it doesn't start.
B) Tried to read any faults but the ODB tool would not communicate.
C) Sent the ECU for repair and it now communicates.
The error code it comes back with is P214600.
I have checked and there is no voltage to any injector.
I local auto motive electrician told me if one injector is faulty then the car won't start or supply voltage to any of the injectors which I believe are negatively switched to supply fuel. I was recommend to try the find the faulty injector by removing a cable to one of them in turn and that may let the ECU start the others although it would run rough. I was even told I should still start with 2 injectors unplugged.
Looking at fault P214600 it doesn't refer to any particular cylinder, which means to me could be a damaged cable or another sensor stopping the ECU supplying voltage.
I have a all types of meters to help with testing which I use every day.
Can anyone help me diagnose this fault, have I made assumptions or does what I have posted sound correct.
ECU is a Siemens/Continental 03L906023CQ
The injectors are 03L130277B.
The injectors codes match the code on the car which I can read a change with my diagnostics if required.
Kind Regards