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Old 09-15-2017, 10:42 PM   #1
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Beluga Racing Downpipe Review (prepare to read)

I figured I'd share my experience with the beluga downpipe since I can't find much info on it from recent days. (All are older post.)

This won't be picture heavy unfortunately as I was rushed after work to get it on, but if you want to do some reading, stick around.

First off, what in the f&$k kind of packaging is this?

Box was destroyed but thankfully the downpipe wasn't. Nice job patching a box rather than using a new one? Haha anyways. Bubble wrap used to wrap the down pipe was below average in quality. One thin sleeve around it. Nothing inside to keep damage down and downpipe from rattling around and causing damage. There was maybe 2 small dings. Nothing serious.

Now quality of downpipe.

The welds looked decent. This now uses a two bolt flange rather than a v-band clamp which I originally though it was. Not much of a problem though as 2 bolt is fine. The metal was pretty thin, but not tin can thin. It was nice and shiny as well lol.

All of the flanges needed to be belt sanded. You could straight up see that there was a slight curvature on the flanges and using a straight edge proved it to be true. I'm lucky in my case that my shop has a fabricator and he did it for me for no charge, but I do want to warn people to check the flanges!! Especially the turbo to downpipe flange!! I've read some threads where people used the turbo to downpipe gasket provided with the downpipe blow out. It's probably due to the fact that the flange may have been wrapped but also that gasket should honestly be put in the trash can. Get an oem style gasket and save yourself the time. They're cheap!

Other than the flanges, the fitment was pretty damn good. I think the rear section could have been longer so it would be closer to my stock catback piping inside the wedge clamp thing used to combine the two together. I don't think it's much of an issue though.

Overall, for $170 bucks shipped to my house, I honestly can't complain. I have it matted to my stock catback and it is the perfect sound. I'm getting older and like my ride to sound stock when cruising, but when I punch it, there is a very nice sporty tone to it. I previously had the Cobb 3in turboback with a non resonated downpipe and it was way too loud. So much drone. This set up, like I said, for $170 I am very pleased.

I mainly made this thread to address the flange issues to warn people if they do decide to buy this downpipe they should check them to make sure they're flat so they won't have a leak at the turbo or the mid section where to downpipe is connected.

ALSO! This did taper from 3in into stock diameter, which I was very happy to find out when I opened it up, but some out there may not want that cause they think they're getting a full 3in. This is not the case. It tapers.

At the end of the day a downpipe is a downpipe. Now I did come from the Cobb setup and that thing was beautiful, but this pipe does the exact same thing at a way lower price, but we will see how it stands up over time.

If you're thinking about getting this, I say go for it. You might be slightly disappointed but really the issue I pointed out are easily fixed.

Hope this helps some future beluga buyers!

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Old 09-17-2017, 12:02 PM   #2
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Just went full turbo back with their DP & cat back. I don't have any complaints, my downpipe came just fine. Box was intact and the bubble wrap was only 1 layer which is disappointing but oh well. Otherwise great quiet exhaust until you get it on. If you keep the revs below 3K, you'll never really hear it. Above that, its straight thunder coming out the back end.
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Old 09-18-2017, 08:45 AM   #3
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packaging was most likely messed up in shipping and tapped up by the shipper. It happens a lot. Especially if you get big boxes. We get boxes and they come all kinds of fucked up via UPS and FED Ex from multiple places.

You seem to have expected a lot for a $150-170 downpipe. Maybe its just the lack of morning coffee but your post seems to weave in and out of i knew what to expect and then can you imagine they used cheap bubble wrap on my cheap exhaust?

I own the turbo back exhaust from them. Everything fit perfectly no modification needed or sanding. I thought the bubble wrap was a nice touch that they really didnt need to do.
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just like god intended. he didnt kill off the dinosaurs for their sweet sweet bone juice to have it go getting wasted by eco-obsessed torque thieves.
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