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Engine Issues (burning smell)

Hey guys,

I'm currently waiting for my favourite indi-mechanic to come back from vacation but hopefully we have some mechanically-brilliant people on this board. Yea I fucked up quite a few times on here so feel free to laugh at me.

I was driving around for quite some time(maybe 5 hours) with only 3/4 spark plugs working. At the end of that 5 hour journey I was at a stoplight and I could smell something burning, it had sort of a plastic/rubbery smell and it seem to be coming from the back of the car, not the engine bay. When I got home I started to swap all the spark plugs. I used a torque wrench accidentally over-torqued one of the spark plugs (cylinder 2). There MAY have been some debris that fell into the cylinder head. I tried fishing out anything that could've fallen in with a magnet but I found nothing(I didn't use a vacuum until later). I stupidly started the car thinking that all was fine but it wouldn't start, the car felt like the battery was dying (a single *click* and nothing more)

I bought a spark plug repair kit, rethreaded said hole, tried sucking out any hell-debris left over and still, the car wont start. When I tried starting the car all I got was a single clicking noise. I think it may have something to do with that burning smell. I had the battery tested at my local auto store and it's in tip-top condition.

Any thoughts?

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sorry but you should stop wrenching on cars. Seriously.
....used to own a MK6 GTI
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