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    What kind of wheels do you have? They look like bbs but im not sure! Beautiful gti man!
    OK, got your e-mail. give me a bit of time to get this together for you. The kit is good quality, it is fiberglass, but very good quality glass. the kit is a tight fit, no problems really. Its not Caractere by any means, but the kit fits nicely. id say it is very durable, just not in the rock chip department, lol. i have a few already thanks again really appreciate it. How is the kit going along, any problems with it? Is it durable? Thanks again for the help cheers
    shoot! i completely spacved doing this for you. i can text you pics way easier and right now if thats cool. if so, reply with your cell number. thanks!
    thanks really appreciate it ABDracing (ps i know im being picky and annoying but if the picture could be really close, as if im looking through the vent to see what im looking at) thanks again for all the help and the car looks ace.
    thank you for the compliments, i appreciate it very much. The rear bumper is a complete bumper/diffuser replacement. the vents are "open" and you see a little bit of white metal and the fender liner if memory serves. Im not near the car right now, but ill see about snapping a pic later today.
    I really like the revozport kit you added to your gti (saw it in your thread) just not the side skirts. All in all I think it looks good each to there own. Just had a question about the rear bumper. The vents on each side are opened vents but to what? I.e if you look through the vent what do you see, the tyre or it's just for looks. Basically i was hopping for a close up picture of what you see if your looking through the vents? (if you want me to clarify the question i can no worries) Thanks for the help really appreciate it, and again congrats car looks great
    right on, hey i dont mind giving them too you once i get my coilovers, i just dont know when that will be. ill keep you posted.
    lol, i know man, i know. the crazy thing is, im actually more eager to get the sways on there. hey i have your ST booklet, want me to mail it to you or just hold onto it?
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