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  • Hi Chris:

    I received a REVO KO4 tune (flawless by the way) last week, and was wondering whether launch control was still the same. I own a GTI mk6 DSG. Thanks.

    Hallo Chris, can you help me? I am Marko, i come from Croatia,Europe and i drive a Golf 6 GTi.

    I have instaled a K04 and REVO stage 3 map for the K04. I have full 70mm exhaust whit 100 cell cat.

    First i have O.CT map and i need to do the o2 spacer for the oxygen sensor and it works fine.
    Then i have instaled the k04 kit whit REVO stage 3 map, from ELMIN from Croatia, hi is the REVO dealer here.
    Then i have CEL come up (catalyst convertor fault code), so i have removed the o2 spacer, hopping that this will remove the issue.

    Then after 50km the CEL dose't come up but still i have taken the VCDS ross-tech and go to ENGINE, FAULT CODES i see there i have 1 fault code and that is : P0420 Cataclyst efficency below threshold . Why is that? would the REVO stage 3 map get rid of that fault code?

    The CEL is NOT come up yet in the dashboard, but will it?

    is the something wrong whit the stage 3 map?

    thank you very much
    Hi Chris, I was wondering if the $100 off special you have running applies to me here in South Africa?

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