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  • The KO4 is great, it drives different then stock, stage 1 or 2. The power band kicks in a little later (3500rpm). You need to use your gears more and downshift as its a bigger turbo so it doesn't spool up as fast. is a lot, lot faster, boarder line to fast. My next upgrade is brakes, you don't realize how fast you're going. But the around town drivability is awesome, for a daily driver the KO4 is great. It revs out fast and the power pulls all the way past redline. You'll like it!
    Hey Corky sorry to bother you. Thinking about pulling the trigger on the KO4 setup as soon as RPI can flash the 2012s.

    How do you like the setup? How is the drivability? Is most of the power up top or can you buzz around town as easily as Stage I and II? Is it mostly highway power that you gain with the KO4?

    Thanks for your help....
    APR Stage 1 / Carbonio Stage 1&2 / H&R Super Sport Springs/Bilstein Sport Shocks:thumbsup:
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