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  • I heard someone else say that too. I used the code box for my Golf R LED tails to clear the bulb error. I'm thinking it might have worked for more than just the tails. I haven't tested other bulbs to see if thats the case. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you.
    I finally got around to putting LEDs in my city lights. I was thinking it would be more difficult to reach in and access them. Leave it to clever German engineering to provide extensions on the ends of the bulb sockets making it incredibly simple to reach in and remove/reinsert the bulbs. This literally took less than 2 minutes total.
    Now they finally match my fogs. Looks much cleaner.
    For those wondering, no bulb error code/light.

    I got the same bulbs in your pic one on top ans four leds on the sides but mine throws code ???? u say your don't ???
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