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  • Hi Karim,
    noise seems to have reduced somewhat since I last reported it ..
    1. door rattle 95% disappeared. maybe it has bedded in (16000km).
    2. clonking noise in boot. found out it is the two rubber balls attached to the rear parcel shelf cord. Since its not a mechanical fault, I've sort of ignored/accepted the occasional noise it makes when going over speed humps.
    3. supercharger clutch noise is still there. heard VW has a new clutch fitted to VW twin chrger engines after buld week 45. hope the spares come so that my local garage can start to fix the cars

    btw, where abouts are you from?
    Hello Mr gee,

    this is Amr Karim, just owned a new TSI 160 hp and i saw your valuable contirbution and posts about the noises caused by your car.

    i just bought a new Golf VI TSI 160, and i can tell you i do experience all what you mentioned about the doors noise along with accelaration noise.

    the car is brand new, and im not satsified by all means.

    any updates about your case with the dealer??
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