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  • I live near the 6 and I am easy to spot CW with BBS and no tint (yet), I am planning on going to to the track on Friday night if your interested.
    I live in La Plata but I drive a CW GTI. Supposedly theirs another white one that is off the 301 in White Plains. I saw a CSG at the track a couple of months ago by any chance was that you?
    well you could go to a local custom exhaust place and ask them what they can do, the problem i had was the spare wheel in the boot ment i couldnt cut into the splitter on the rear that much... am currently at looking in buying a new valence to fit it in more but its unique the way it is just now.. u definitely dont need to buy a new bumper though :)
    OK...dohave any info on where I can buy the rear valance from? Looking to do a R32 look without having to buy the whole bumper lol. Dunno how to uploads pics on PM...Sorry.
    ps how do you send pictures over this? have a picture of my car from while back before mods with a good picture of the exhaust but duno how to upload through pm
    Its not a proper R32 exhaust but a custom stainless steel backbox in the style of the R32. Cost £180 gives a good noise and apparently adds 7bhp to the car :) just have it on my standard rear bumper not cut into the car or anything, but might buy some side splitters to go round it, but tbh i love the look of it the way it is as it is different to any other car about
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