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  • I'm new to the website but can't post am I restricted and if so can you make it possible to post please
    Can you please post a post for me ??


    Few days ago, everything seemed to be fine in my 2009 VW Golf MK5, all 10 speakers were working just fine with a normal voice. Bass and treble was on 0 (-5 to 5 ), balance and fader were also in the middle.
    I turned off the car waiting for a friend to come, when i started the car once again, all 9 speakers started getting fuzzy voice then 8 speakers turned off leaving only one "Tweeker" working, which is the the back door driver side upper little speaker.

    Now, i start the vehicle in low volume, all 9 speakers works, once i turn the volume up, everything re disconnect and the tweeker works alone, from 0 to maximum sound.

    i noticed one thing that when i start a song all speakers work on a very low volume, once a bass beat drops, 8 speaker disconnect and again the tweeker work.

    what seems to be the problem?

    Please help, im living with a single mini speaker, a tweeker actully !! :(
    Hello I was wondering how I can post in the market place. I'm a member of for years now and I have came across some gli mk6 rims and was going to post on you guys site. Just curious what is holding me back from posting. Thanks kirk
    hey GTI2007, can you help me please, i have the same problem as everyone else that comments on your page but i have already registered my account and was wondering how or why i cant post a new thread.

    Hello GTI2007! Could you help me please. Why there is a permission for me to start a new thread? I didn`t post anything yet, but I want to start.:smile:
    hi , why cant I post new posts, I registered the other day have a problem with my car and need to know if anyone else having same fault
    Hi there why can't I post a new thread... I registered the other day and had a email saying account was activated but it doesn't let me write?? Thanks
    Can i get my thread about ecs tuning delete? The situation was solved long ago, but some how the thread kept getting bumped back
    hola como estas?mi nombre es Francisco soy de Argentina , ayer entre en este foro a mirar un poco de todo para ver cosas para mi auto y encontre una admision de carbonio que en mi pais no se vio para nada. hoy la vuelvo a buscar y no encuentro el post, quizas me podes ayudar en cuanto a informacion , nombre completo y caracteristicas, sean ventajas o desventajas frente a otras como la twin take de forge, la carbonio de apr y demas admisiones disponibles, espero contar con tu ayuda muchas gracias
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