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  • Hey thanks for the reply duder; I'll probably go with some of those tires as well. Looking for a nice stretch. I was thinking of going with maybe some FK's, the ones that are like 900 bucks, they are height adjustable, not bump adjustable, and they are made of whatever to protect against corrosion. Good drop on those too, I believe. BUT.. if you read my rant thread, you'll get the full story, but now this shop that painted my front bumper (they burned it when buffing) is denying having ever painted it; they say they just clear coated it.. but it looks pretty different from the fenders, so I think my next (and really first) mod will be to get the sidemarkers shaved, front plate holes filled, and headlight washer spaces shaved, and just get the bumper repainted. I need a good shop to do that though. Nothing around my area has any idea how to shave sidemarkers.
    "Can you shoot me some info about the tires you picked? I still have no clue what the numbers mean in reference to tires. We have the same exact wheels, except mine are silver! Did you have to change the speedometer with different sized wheels? I have no idea what I'm doing, haha. I'm going to take it to a shop and have it all installed in the spring, but I want to know what I'm talking about. What about TPMS? What did you do about that? Also, does the white electrical tape look good up close? I really want to do that, but I just can't see how it will withstand the elements and stay looking fresh. Thanks for your help man, and that is one sweet car! Hope you have a garage "

    hey man, sorry about the delay on my response i really didnt see this message until today.

    so lets get to your questions and see if i can help you out :)

    1. tires: i went with Dunlop DZ101, they stretch real nice and they are like 120-145 a piece, plus they are a great performance tire.
    2. size: i am running 215/35's (front) and 225/35s (rear). this setup gives nice stretch and looks epic, but if your stock hight your ganna look silly, so get some coils on and enjoy :)
    3. TPMS: first off what year is your GTI? i have a 2010 where the tpmds is in the wheels, i beleive the 2011's and up have the TPMS that works with the ABS system so you dont need new TPMS sensors. on another note, i just used a vag com to disable my TPMS system, it worked like shit even with my stock wheels and the light was always on, so i didnt have them installed in my wheels.
    4. electrical tape: it looks great, its basically vinyl, just like the black vinyl roof i have. i've had it on for about 3 months now and it hasn't weathered one bit!!

    if you have any other wheel and tire questions i would suggest hitting up "RSmark". he's a member on her and is uber knowledgeable and always up to answers questions and explain things.

    good luck and let me know when they are on and you have pics up!!!
    Let me know what you find out. So far, no one has seemed too interested in the Kickapoo thing, but I'd be down for meeting up and joy riding! I have some stuff to do to my car before it's all done though, so it'll be a minute :p
    Yeah, I'm up in Madison going to UW. I saw your post about the Viroqua area trip. I'm just not sure about the distance though, its just more about the time, really. Weekdays, I gotta do school stuff and work, and I'm generally back home Appleton on weekends.
    If we can figure out something a bit closer, that might be a bit more doable. I remember one of my friends telling me of a place closer to Madison, I'll check back with her and let you guys know about it. If people are still going with the Kickapoo idea, I'll try to make it, but no guarantee.
    Hey man, I remember you saying earlier that you were about an hour away from La Crosse. Did you end up moving to MadTown since then?
    Got them from P2Spec... I have the yellow ones which look pure white from looking at them, but they cast a more usable yellow beam.

    They also have ones that match the HID lights as well.
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