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  • Hey Haleann. How long have you been into VWs. There is nothing cooler then a pretty girl that shares some of the same interests. :D I just want to stop by and say Hi :p
    My first designer handbag was my 18’s birthday gift. Rrt had been an attractive handbag, but I lost it after week and yes it was certainly one of my saddest things.
    I was trying to buy a same handbag and luxury myself. Sadly, the handbag was quite popular and had sell outs rapidly! Poor me!
    Just few days before, I came across this web store. Oahu is the biggest online luxury store i finally got my handbag back! Don’t miss your loves.

    porsche watches chronograph
    haha there is a Fahrenheit that parks near my house--and i like the bright colors too. I love the r32 blue also!!

    i have some plans this is my project journal.
    i just got an intake and put it in this past weekend
    but the rest is going to have to wait for awhile
    although i may be doing some lightweight wheels here soonish hehe

    what about you? I love your wheels btw ^.^
    haha that is AWESOME!! Similar for me too, first time really with doing my own stuff on my own car.
    Funny i was looking into the mkiv gtis too! lol. go us. But then luck {or good and bad} that I totaled my civic and w/ the insurance money + the money i had been saving for a iv or iii enabled me to get the vi ^.^
    haha {i really didn't like the 5s but shhh don't tell anyone haha}
    haha yeah, sorry was so estatic last night about it *blushes*

    it was just a little exciting. I don't know many girls into cars.
    They all think i'm loco.

    my car is my baby too :) another reason ppl think im crazy. ^.^
    Ive been into cars for a while, kind of here and there,
    but i never had a chance to really get in and work on my own before.
    So this is my first time really upgrading and such on my own and with my own vehicle haha.

    How about you??
    hey there!!! So, i just found you and i realize that you are a girl....and that makes me really happy ^.^ i honestly think that you and i are the only two girls on this forum so...go us!!! haha. check out my stuff and i want to hear bout your car!!!!

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