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  • hey man... you had mentioned you had the koni coilovers in my thread about suspension. do you ever go to the coffee get togethers on saturdays? i would like to maybe get a ride, to see how they feel... if that would be cool
    Sorry missed this... No I didn't googled it from turbo squid I think. Would love to find a free one so that I could test ideas out before hand. Solidworks or SolidEdge maybe or even a 3D DWG or DGN format would be great.
    Hey i saw your posts about the pinstripe tape. it looks great! i'm planning to do the same and was wondering if there was any cutting of the tape and how much tape did you need.
    thanks in advance
    I'm out in east county in Alpine, but I'm all around SD county a lot, I'll be sure to give you a beep if I see ya!
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