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  • Hello lilfleck,
    I joined the GolfMKVII forum on 8-24-2015 but I cant post a reply. I've used the ContactUs but have had No Response after 3 attempts! Can you assist or tell me what I must do in order to post on the GolfMKVII Forum. Cordially, Richard... is my email
    Hey what ever happened with the "Engine speed max 4000rpm" code? I got one this morning...oil level is fine and now the code is gone. Just a little bothered that it popped up and went away. I called 4 major VW Dealerships in the Chicagoland area and none of them have heard of it.
    Good day sir

    my name is Steve, the owner of im interested in advertising, and or sponsoring the site.. if you can send me some more info on the subject that would be awesome.

    thank you
    Hey thanks for the reply. After reading ur thread and many other i am probably going to just go with Drop in. Would u recommended me doing it the exact time i go stage 2 or wait till i feel slippage?
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