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  • Hi, do you still have the underseat drawer? I will buy if available. Let me know. Thanks.
    Hi, I'll take the driver's side underseat drawer if still available. What is the asking price? I'm in Mississauga and can pick up. Thanks.
    Hey Meegis,

    Thanks for replying to my post. I do have a couple questions regarding your wheel setup.

    1. What coils are you on? and do they have adjustable dampening?
    2. You say you did 0 modifications to fenders, so that means they have not been pulled or screw removed from the fronts?
    3. How did you manage to fit that 225 tire?:S Everyone i ask is telling 215 is a must if i dont want to rub.
    4. what are the offsets on the wheels you own?

    Your Car looks very well stanced, and i do love the wheels however, im thinking i will prob be buying reps for this summer, just in case i dont know how to dodge potholes lol.

    The wheel set up im looking to run this summer:

    18's or 19's - BBS LM REPS 8.5 et35 x 9.5 et40. tires most likely 215-35.

    How do you drive your car? Also slow and careful or do you enjoy it every once in a while?
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