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  • One at a time?! Lol, damn...

    I've checked but their website no longer works.

    As for ECS shipment, I've seen in the past where it shows a ship out date that's like 2 months ahead, example for today would be 11/10/2015. Are you suggesting I keep refreshing and look for the date to pop up again? Because, that's what I've been doing.

    Also, did yours ship directly from ECS?

    Hey, I saw your post about selling your euro lip. I'm looking to get a 35th Edition Bumper too but it's on back-order at ECS with no ship date. Where did you get yours from? Know of any other places I could order it from?
    Hey- still have that plate? What colo is it, sort of hard to tell in the pics. Where did you get it?
    I am in tx- Dallas
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