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  • 3m tape i did it last year and its holidng pretty well. I just want to get it actually welded so it looks cleaner
    What's up man. I don't think I'm doing anything on Friday night so I might swing by. I'll text Paulo on Thursday and see if he's still going. If he goes I'll meet up with him and cruise down to the meet. Thanks for the heads up.
    no prob dude. i was an hour late anyway because i was hitting up happy hour at Fridays lol.
    hey im going to go today to the northridge show. ill probably be there a little after 7. im coming from work so i will already be down here.
    I might go. I work in Burbank so ill just hit the gym and possibly head over. Ill let you know for sure beforehand.
    Haha well i only have minor cosmetic upgrades nothing motor wise except for an intake which is in my opinion nothing to show off lol.
    Yeah I go to meets sometimes. If I do, I go to the canyon runs in Malibu. Other than that I don't usually go because my car is completely stock and I don't have anything to show off lol. But I would be down to go check one out possibly.
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