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  • I have a set of Lagunas in decent condition, with fairly new Pirellis. I was going to sell them and got an offer for 700$, but I am willing to trade for those CO's along with some extra cash. Send me an Email

    I can send you some pics of the Lagunas.
    I am assuming with the weather today you did not go to Cherry Hill Imports yet. This is a place I frequent and bought my MKVI from just the other day. When you go in ask for Mark the Sales Manager and if he is not around ask for Ray Pastoriza in sales. Tell them Kevin Riley sent you in. They will get you taken car of real good. Sent two of my buds there and they bend over backwards to make sure you are happy. Let me know if you go in and what they do for you.


    ps- Then once you get yours we gots to meet up.
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