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    I just purchased few handbags from I would say it’s fantastic.
    I was concerned with the quality. And after I receive it, I took it to the outlet also it was the identical!
    This taught me to be crazy considering that the expense is about 1/3 of outlets with free postage worldwide. Gurus one of my pals about why? She simply said, ‘you simply realize comprehend, so love’ You we do hope you can are aware of the truth also

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    Sorry for the delay in replying I rarely go on this site through a regular computer so I didnt realize you sent me a visitor message.

    To answer your works great with my phone. I am able to play Slacker on there with no problems thru bluetooth. I just have the standard radio though. After my trial subscribtion with Sirius runs out I will mainly use Slacker as my radio. It reads all my contacts and plays my mp3s on command without issues.
    hey there. I noticed a post from you recently that mentioned you were using a Samsung Galaxy S T-Mobile Vibrant phone. How well does that work in your 2011 GTI? Do you have Nav or Premium Stereo? I am curious about the bluetooth function as a phone as well as a internet radio streaming device (Pandora or Slacker).

    Thank you for your time.
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