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  • if you want 18's you definitely need a 5x112 bolt pattern or at least a 5x114.3 bolt pattern and use wobble bolts. offset various depending on wheel width. a nice "flush" offset for an 8 inch wide wheel would be about 38mm while a flush offset for a 9 inch wide wheel would be about 45mm.
    gotta pay to play my man. style is pricey. i'd recommend wheel shopping on vortex and especially vrwheels. they have great rare wheels at very good prices.
    Lorinser LM-1. thats their original finish which is VERY rare to come by. all the other sets i''ve seen have been chromed out.
    ME too!! It is the 5th VW I have had and first GTI. THis is the perfect car for me at this point. I liked the FJ and I had lifted it so it looked sweet, but that made it not ride well. GTI has everything and is a blast to drive.
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