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  • hey man - i am building my budget for next year on the Golf R, are you able to source Volks? feel free to email me at
    i am curious about how the opel injectors fitment is and if there was any rewiring or fitment issues that came up?

    I have been following your FrakenTurbo thread and have noticed that you are planning on having your car dyno tuned at AU tuning. I am in the Diamond Bar area (91789) and not to far from AU tuning and was wondering if you thought AU would be a good and cost effective shop to have an aftermarket clutch installed (RSR or open to suggestion).

    I am APR stage II and I am not slipping now but have been thing of adding water/meth and maybe KO4 or FrakenTurbo after the clutch is installed.

    Yo' so this weekend are u installing the
    I talk to Doug and Thomas about the Turbo/tune. It looks like the ko4 will be replaced. Are u going to install yourself? Ill prob. Have a ton of questions. Is this a DV relocate as well?
    I'm a SoCal guy who is in the process of modding my 2012 GTI and am looking to get new wheels. It sounds like you know a lot in this area. Do you have a shop and or sell wheels? I am intrested in getting a set of HRE or Volk wheels. I have a couple questions about fitment and avalibility, if you could help me out that would be cool. You can reach me at 1-818-903-8621 or I am also interested in the K04 kit. Thanks, Mark
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