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  • Hi Bob. I wish I could get my wife into a VW. She tried a Tiguan and didn't like it. I think it was cause it was a beet up used one. Oh well I'll try again when her lease is up on her Chevy. I like the GLI's. Too bad you can't get them with the VR6 anymore.

    We really do need to have a meet up soon. A fiend of mine got a golf R a few months ago. We still haven't gone for a rip together yet. But he's really hard to pin down.

    How are you for Saturdays? How about the 8th or 15th? My cell # 860-690-973six. Shoot me a text and we'll work it out.
    Hey Bob. How's your GTI? I think last time we talked you were just going to ko4. I hope it all worked out. That thing must fly.
    Hi Bob I replied to your pm. I just wanted to let you know I don't do Facebook. I figured I should let you know because it seems like everyone assumes everybody is on Facebook.
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