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  • Hey man any chance you want to come out to our little dub meet here in Jacksonville? It's tonight at 7pm
    Yea early on, just breifly tho as my buddy had to go home. I looked for your car when I got there but didn't see it. I guess it would be hard to find you tho as I don't know what you look like hahaha
    Hey man, I went to that meeting. There was some niccceee cars there... e60 M5 with awesome wheels, b6 Audi Wagon with RS4 wheels an old 6 series bimmer, and a couple dubs. Cool place to be. Thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna go next week so maybe we could meet up. I should have my magnaflow cat back on by then!!
    Now thats what i'm talking about!!!... I'm definitely gonna hit that up I'm dying for some car "class" lol. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully we'll finally get to meet up.
    Yea... I went to a couple of the meets at Flaming Amy's and they weren't too cool... Mostly a bunch of civics and mustangs when I went. ... Hows the other one you mentioned at Nicola's? Worth the ride?
    Hey man, got your post on the break boosting thread... figured i just write write you a message here because some of the guys get pissy...idk why..but watever.... any who.. I'm definitely down for meeting up. Idk what you up to next weekend ( feb 20th) but I'm heading out to cape fear community college north campus for that auto x event. Idk if your interested in running it or not but i've heard the people are really cool and its almost like a car show too so it might be cool to check out and hang out. I signed up, i'm going to run it.
    Nice find man, still looking for something a little more oem+ though.

    I used to have aim back in the day, but I reactivated ny fb so I've been using their mediocre chat. Search me, Cory Braddock.
    Yeah, me and a buddy of mine from work are heading out there. I'm thinking about running the Golf at the next one lol.
    400$ for a truck !!! sick!!!! does it run? What kind?

    I'm thinking about running my car in an HPDE this spring but its alot of $$$ I might do some auto X instead because its like 15-20$ for the day. Are you or the other guys into that stuff at all? I'd love to get a bunch of guys together to go do some cool car events like shows, meets, or races.

    I'm dying to really throw down with my car to see what We (me and her) can do but with the all the stupid traffic, old people in huge cars, and mini vans everywhere in this town its almost impossible to not get hit or get yanked by a set a blue lights.
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