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  • i saw you post something about you possibly putting something in your fenders to keep the dirt from getting inside the motor. did you ever end up doing this?? Im trying to deal with a problem with my liners and was thinking about doing the same thing
    Hey a while back you posted about an issue about your taillights not working.. What was the problem? I have the same issue but it's a Jetta. Thanks!

    I am new to the forum, but I saw you are located in NYC. Which part of NYC are you in? Are there any meets where I could go?
    was wondering if your headlights where ed reps and if you had any other shots of them, i can never find fellow black mk6 owners with the black r headlights. im thinking about getting them
    yeah thanks for sending. the drop looks nice and even. im talking to another guy about coils, will see what pans out. thanks for sending.
    Hey man, fun playing with ya on the hutch on the 29th. Lol I was the gti with the apr exhaust. How did you know it was apr? Haha
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