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  • Good afternoon, I have recently purchased a MK6 GTI, I am looking for someone with a VAGCOM to check whether my ECU is tuned. I am also looking for someone to check if I have a boost leak as I have had a sudden loss of power. I am willing to meet at a location of your choosing. I will also pay you for your time and work.

    I got the 42DD downpipe with cat and resonator and mated it to my OEM catback. I'm very happy with the sound, as I didn't want anything loud at all. I got it installed at Further Performance in Minneapolis for $150 including the APR flash to stage 2. I would have done it myself, but the flash would have been $50, so the difference was only $100. Well worth it!

    did you go with the APR turboback? if so, do you notice any difference from stock? And...where did you get it installed at? im looking at getting it done next spring and maybe R tail lights too. thanks in advance!
    Also, I highly recommend Further Performance in Minneapolis for tuning. Great guys, reasonable rates, and they do good work.
    smoconnor, I've been tuned since a few months after buying my car back in October of 2011. Since then, I've had a few warranty items including my mechatronic unit replacement (DSG controller), my KESSY system, my water pump, and several oil changes. Left my car in 93 octane stage 2 mode when I dropped it off for it's free 30k oil change and service (brake fluid swap, inspections, etc). They've never brought it up. If something breaks that could be due to the tuning, I'm sure they might discuss it, but otherwise they don't seem to care. I gave the GM there a ride in my car after I was stage 1 to show him what it felt like. This isn't to say he endorses this at all, but I have been honest with them and have not had any issues. Full disclosure: I've also bought 5 VWs from them in 9 years.
    Hey there-

    I'm a fellow MN resident looking at APR stage 1. Are you near the cities? If so do you know of any mod friendly dealers around there? My main concern is the dealer will go "fishing" for reasons to deny warranty work. Burnsville VW is the closest to me. Thanks!
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