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  • Ouch. Already had all that off for intake cleaning and tensioner replacement. Thanks. Gonna drill it out in place. Have a right angle drill that is small enough courtesy of work. Thanks for the info.
    Remove the side timing cover, the timing tensioner and chain, the intake manifold, the HPFP and vacuum pump, the cam girdle (valve cover), and then the head bolts.
    Turbo is off. Is removing the head as simple as removing head bolts and I'm done? Searched and haven't found a DIY. Thanks for your time.
    Thanks for the info. Hesitant on head removal because I haven't researched it. Will have to look for DIY. Cars been down a month so I have time.
    Hey nick I'm selling those slicks and my k04 and all related parts from my 13 Gli. Just picked up a new R last month. If you have any friends looking please send them my way. Thx
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