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  • Whiteline may sell them ... otherwise try HPA Motorsport in Canada or your local hardware store. It's just PVC flexible plastic ... nothing too flast. The rubber version can also be had from the hardware store.
    hi ive been reading your thread about the koni fsd and eibach prokit im thinking about getting it for my gli i was wondering where to get the sleeves for the springs or how to sleeve the springs before i put them on my car if you could help i would appreciate it thanks
    - "without too much comfort LOSS" is what I meant to say.

    The roads around here are decent, the rough routes can often be avoided but not always. The Interstates are generally concrete with expansion joints, and slight ripples on the individual slabs are encountered on a regular basis.

    I'm currently running 225x45 17's, but I plan to get some 18" wheels running 225x40 18's. I'd like to lower the vehicle between 1"-1.5".

    Thanks again!
    :bow:Hello WhiteJames.

    I'm a new 2010 Golf TDI owner in the U.S. and I've been trying to decide on coil-overs for my vehicle. I've had the pleasure of reading your numerous reviews on suspension and I was hoping I could get a recommendation from you. I'm looking at either going with the HPA SHS setup, or one of the KW V1-V3 options. This vehicle is my daily driver but I need to stiffen it up a bit, just too much body roll even with a Neuspeed 25mm hollow rear sway installed.

    My previous vehicle was a MX5 with an eibach pro kit and a stiffer rear sway and I'm looking to get a little bit more of that go-kart feel back without too much comfort as I like to take long trips in this vehicle.

    Your reviews have me leaning toward the HPA SHS setup, but I want to make sure I'm going to take care of enough of the body roll to make it worthwhile.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    No experience with the Eibach Dampers. But I'd say that if Eibach makes springs for Koni - Koni probably make the dampers, in which case they may be rebranded Koni product. Noise may be an issue with Eibach Springs - spring slap aka spring bind. I'd still spend the extra dough for the HPA KW SHS kit. Also look at KW suspension kits or Bilstein Suspension kits for comparison on pricing. AUD rising, so looking to be back in vogue. Cheers.

    I red lots of your threads and I'm almost sure that I want Koni FSD and H&R anti-roll kit (already have Ebiach Pro-Kit). I just would like to ask do you know anything about Eibach Pro-Dampers? This is another option for me:

    Which is actually Eibach Pro-Kit + Eibach Pro-Dampers + Eibach ARBs kit. Such option would be a bit cheaper than FSD + H&R ARBs (would have to buy dampers and ARBs only of course). These kit has pretty good reviews (both handling & ride better than with OEM setup) but I couldn't find any direct comparison between Pro-Kit + FSD vs Pro-Kit + Pro-Damper (ARBs aside).

    The Eibach ProKit & H&R OEM Sports would be very much the same thing. Neuspeed are also very similar, but a little softer. Koni sell Koni-FSD/Eibach ProKit in kits ... so I'm guessing the Eibach ProKit would be best. Not many people have H&R OEM Sports with FSD. The H&R Sports (not OEM sports) may exhibit the tug'n'release at the front do to being lower; other owners have experienced this with H&R sports (not OEM sports). I was to buy a sports/comfort suspension system again ... I'd go for the HPA KW SHS coilover for a bit more money ... they are height adjustable.

    Hey man,

    Curious what you think the best springs are for the koni fsd's. Cant decide between the H&R's or the Eibach prokit.
    Dont want a massive drop but would rather have better control through corners. I know you had some progressive eibach ones but you noted that they weren't so good entering a corner, do u think the H&R's would be better suited?>\
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