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Aquartz: The Finest Inorganic Protectant - Total Protection For Your Vehicle!

What is Aquartz? Aquartz is the next generation protective coating for automobile surfaces. It protects automotive paintwork and glass, while enhancing the appearance with a deep gloss finish.

Unlike traditional organic waxes, Aquartz (Water-based and containing Silica / Silicon Dioxide / SiO2 and Titania / Titanium Dioxide / TiO2)chemically bonds to a vehicles paint surface, creating an ultra durable hybrid coat (a scratch resistant coating).

Why Aquartz? Avehicle treated with Aquartz has many benefits for both the automobile and the owner. The special nano-technology coating provides long-term protection and a permanent easy to clean surface. The need for polishing and waxing becomes a thing of the past and due to the unique self cleaning effect, washing the vehicle is easier and less time consuming.

Leaving you with more time to sit back and admire the stunning gloss finish!

The glass coating preserves the paintwork and forms an invisible barrier to protect against acid rain, bird droppings, road salt, tar,brake dust and harmful UV rays. It also increases the hardness of the paint surface by up to 50% - Aquartz film protection hardness: 9H (Mohs Scale). This effectively adds an anti-scratch effect to the finish, and so greater resistance against key, fingernail and car wash scratches;swirl marks, spider-webbing and micro-marring.

In a changing climate, there has never been a better time to invest in the Aquartz treatment!

How does it work? Aquartz paint protection is the world's first hybrid nano silica-titanium coating system. Aquartz bonds to paint at the molecular level, forming a super hard transparent layer of protection. The Aquartz+ coating is super hydrophilic (which results in reduced water beading / flatter beads and so less spotting and staining compared with hydrophobic waxes) and also dirt-repellent. Aquartz cannot be removed by water, alkaline detergents or high pressure washing equipment. Aquartz is UV stable and treated surfaces maintain original clarity and transparency.

Aquartz on a BMW M3 Comp Package

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