17" wheels ?!!?!


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ive been trying to decide weather to get 17's or 18's. i feel like since my golf is a daily driven car and i have lots of shitty roads, i would gets 17's. i live in jersey btw. i want wheels that look somewhat bigger then they really are. any suggestions? i dont have any suspension upgrades, so i will have some wheel gap. tight on money haha.

here are my choices

msw type 16

asa gt1

enkei edr9 Performance EDR9.jpg

rial nogaro


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I like #2 out of those.. and don't go 17, you'll ALWAYS regret it.
The car is designed with 17's and 18's in mind.
I live in Detroit and the roads are probably worse here. My 18's are fine and I'm planning on 19's this spring.
pix 3 and 4 looks super cheap.
If you want them to look bigger I wouldn't go with something with a different colored edge though.


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There's no performance advantage to 18s. Going with 18s increase the wheel weight. It also make everything more vulerable to road damage. And finally, it makes everything (both wheels and tires) more expensive, so when something is damaged, it costs more to replace.

I do admin 18s look better and there is more selection of wheels. I just bought a Mk6 GTI. I'm keeping the Denvers and the AS Contis as winters. Come spring, I'll pick up a set of 17s with summer tires.

Oh, and Josh, while I like that your staying with 17s, why black? Look at any car with black wheels. What do you see? A black rim, with a black tire, in a dark wheel well. Essentially everything merges together in one big ugly mass of black. The darkets I would go would be dark grey/ antricite. And even that I'm not so wild about (except for the fact that it does hide the brake dust.)


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yea i was thinking that about the black wheels being lost in the wheel well as well mikew. and yea looks like i have other things to worry about now after finding a dent on my front passenger side fender. working at Shop Rite with careless moms pushing carts suck.


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here are my 17"s


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I like number #2 out of the choices you listed...

keep this in mind...any wheel with a lip on it is going to look about an inch smaller than it is depending on the if you go with a black wheel with a polished lip like wheel #4 then 18's will look like 17's...