2011 volkswagen mk6 jetta


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has anybody heard anything new regarding the new 2011 volkswagen jetta or seen any new photos across the internet and when will it be coming out? thanks

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Supposed to be a coupe shown at the Detroit Auto Show, Previews Sedan and Coupe Production Models

Those of you that are disgruntled with VW's decision to not bring the sexy Scirocco Coupe over to the States might find some comfort in the German firm's plans to stage the world debut of an all-new sporty coupe at next week's 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Called New Compact Coupe or NCC for short, the show car will give American consumers their first taste of an upcoming two-door coupe model that's based on the next generation Jetta four-door sedan and is destined primarily for the U.S. market.

Our sources tell us that the NCC concept is in fact an almost production-ready version of the Jetta Coupe though we're not sure if the German firm will actually use this name when the car is launched onto the market within the next year or so.

Similar in size with the current Jetta sedan, the two-door concept model will also showcase a new hybrid powertrain comprising of a small displacement four-cylinder TSI petrol unit and an electric motor that may find its way into the Jetta and the Golf in the very near future.



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Jetta Coupe. New Compact Coupe will be at the Detriot Auto Show


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I cant find the link but I think it was Edmunds had some clear close up spy shots. I have mixed feelings on it.