2013 4D GTI Autobahn APR K04 (Bay Area, CA) $14,999


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Hi there! I used to read these forums every single day and it feels nice to be back clicking through these pages. I learned so much about my car here and it is only fitting that I come back to list my car.


I’m selling my beloved white 2013 Autobahn VW GTI. The car is an automatic DSG with 75,XXX miles on the odometer and a clean title. It was recently smogged. It has been well maintained by myself and my local VW mechanic. It is hard to put into words how truly in love with this car I am. The only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve been living in the city for the past 5 years and it has sat comfortably in my parents garage; it needs a new home where it will be driven the way was meant to be. This car is the FBO version of the GTI it started as. I am an enthusiast and loved working on it. From interior additions like usb charging ports and an AWE vent mounted boost gauge to suspension and drivetrain improvements, I built this car to be an ultra fun and reliable daily driver that is also a capable track day car. Some of the highlights include an APR K04 kit making 309 WHP, Bilstein PS10 adjustable coil-overs, Stoptech ST40 355mm BBK, and almost every other bolt-on upgrade available for the MK6 platform: APR intercooler, Unibrace braces, camber plates, Tyrol radiator, and the list goes on. For an entire list of modifications inside and out please see this google doc listed with the ad. It is filled with the industries finest from 034 to APR and Unitronic, I’ll admit, an unlikely marriage but opposites do really attract.

This car is an absolute joy to drive and puts a smile on my face every time I step on the gas. The goal of this build was to make a tasteful sleeper. Every modification inside and out was done to improve the car while not drawing attention to it. An example of this is the Unitronic downpipe mated to the stock exhaust, the car is not obnoxiously loud yet sings with the pedal down.
Almost every part that I’ve upgraded, I’ve kept the original stock part and for an exact list please reach out to me and I can share a google sheet with the lists of parts that car can come with. This sale will include all the stock parts I have, VW roof rack with 2 bike mounts, two key fobs, and some VW specific tools used to service the car if you are mechanically inclined like myself (oil filter socket, coil pack remover, anything I have laying around that you could use and I won’t need any longer.)

If you have questions please reach out to me, price is negotiable also open to trades for an AWD small SUV.

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still available?